Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gear Review: Pele App for iphone

The day before IMFL, folks were passing out flyers for a new app called "Pele" designed to track athletes throughout the 140.6 mile competition.  Anxious to keep tabs on Heidi as she made her way around the course, I checked it out in the app store.  I downloaded it and the review follows:

Purpose:  The app basically copies information from and displays it for athletes you designate as they swim, bike and run.  You can also set it to display real time age group results, so you know how the athlete you are interested in is matching up.

Performance:  I  heard from a few folks that the app had had functionality problems during its debut in Kona, but I have to say that it displayed info in virtually real time.  Worked as advertised.

Price:  $2.99 is a bit pricey for an app that you'll only likely use a couple of days a year.  But it's smart pricing by the developer - you've already shelled out $600 just to enter an Ironman - why haggle over three bucks?

Bottom Line:  Pele is a pretty cool App that will definately improve the experience of a race day Ironman spectator.  It also stores your results, so you can compare your performances in multiple races.

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  1. Very interesting! We may have to have Kyle get this for IM Coz next weekend!! Glad you were there to support my girl! I'm head to NOLA in Jan so hopefully we can finally meet up then!!!


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