Sunday, May 29, 2011

Product Review: Paleo Kits

The Product: Steve's PaleoKits

The Claim:   "A delicious mix of jerky, raw macadamias, almonds, pecans and dried fruits, PaleoKits are perfect for people on the go. Vacuum packed for maximum freshness, PaleoKits have a six-month shelf life and are great on-the-go fuel for life's journey."

For those adhering to the increasingly popular "Paleo Diet" (in which one eats only those things that would be included in a caveman's diet - i.e. nothing processed), these on the go snacks provide meat fruit and nuts in one convenient pack.  They come in small (snack) and large (meal replacement) sizes and cost about $4 and $6 respectively. 

I decided to give the Fred Flinstone snacks a try and here's what I thought: 
The first thing anyone notices about the PaeloKit is its natural/raw appearance.  As my wife put it - "That looks like deer Sh*t."  Yes, the snack doesn't exactly appeal to the eyes, but that if fairly common for most things nutritious.  

Upon opening the bag you will feel a sticky-greasy texture covering the snack, as it is basically a fruit rollup covered piece of beef jerky.  Again, I have no problem with messy, especially if it tastes good.  

The best way to attack the PaeloKit is to gnaw the same way our ancestors did.  Rip a piece off and chew.  And chew.  And chew.  And chew.

Again, you will be reminded that this is a piece of vacuum-sealed beef jerky covered in dried up strawberries.

Despite its appearance and chewy texture, the PaeloKit would be well worth the price if it blended the tastes of nuts, meat and fruit into a delicious mixture.  But it doesn't.  It literally tastes like you mashed a dried up strawberry on a tough piece of jerky along with a couple of almonds.


I will commend Steve for using 15% of his proceeds to help bring fitness and nutritional development to kids through his Steve's Club program.  However, his snack are just not for me.
But Flex liked them.


  1. Just the sound of that kit doesn't seem appetizing despite the fact that I am a fan of the paleo diet. Maybe just not in a freeze dried mix-bag version.

  2. Okay, I don't think that I would like them either!


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