Saturday, August 13, 2011

Product Review: Waterfi ipod shuffle

Once again, this is a little more of an "awesome things I like" post than a real review - but I thought I'd get the word out on a relatively new product that I think is pretty sick: the Waterfi ipod shuffle.
The product:  It is simply a normal ipod shuffle that the company has taken and (through some secret process) made completely waterproof.  That's it.  No cases.  No covers.  The ipod itself is completely waterproof.  Simply clip it on, plug in some waterproof headphones and jump in the pool, or run in the rain.  It seemed a little too good to be true, but the company offered a full money back guarantee, I bought one and took it in the pool for some laps.
Sure enough, it worked 100% and I didn't have to worry about any bulky cases strapped to my head or arms.  Very cool.
At $150 , it is a bit expensive, but when compared to the cost of a new ipod and an accompanying waterproof case - the difference is really negligible.
Bottom line - a really cool product that works with itunes (something a lot of other waterproof players don't do) and lets you go from the run, right into the pool.

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  1. That is sooo awesome!! Thanks for the review!


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