Friday, December 31, 2010


They say, "If you want to hear God laugh - tell Him your plans."  It seems that no year ends the way we thought it would, and that's probably a good thing.  A linear track through 365 days would really be quite boring.  It's the twists and turns that make this life an adventure.  A few of the highlights from 2010:

Heidi quickly adapted to southern living.
1.  Reunited:  After two tears apart during Flight School and Grad School, Heidi and Flex moved from Pittsburgh down to New Orleans and we are a family once again.

The explosion and the aftermath...
2.  Deepwater Horizon:  Hoisting off survivors minutes after the rig exploded and taking part in the massive environmental effort that followed was something I'll never forget.

Go Rays.
3.  Rooting for the Home Team: We finally got a chance to go home to Tampa and watch the Rays beat the Yankees at the Trop - my Dad's first-ever regular season MLB game.

A landmark day for Heidi and me.
4. IM FL: It was a long and tiring road for her, but I was so proud to see Heidi cross the finish line in Panama City.  Simply amazing.

Welcome to NOLA.
5.  Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's Day #1:  My first year as a "local."  I already have wayyy too many beads.  I can't believe we have three more years to go.

Rock and Roll.
6.  Mardi Gras Half Marathon: My intro into New Orleans racing.

Never did a race report - oops.
7. The New Orleans 70.3.  My first WTC race.  Great event - can't wait to do it again, faster.

Not really a run.
8. The Red Dress Run: My introduction into New Orleans "Running."

9. My first trip to Denver and Boulder:  Love at first sight.  We are moving there someday as soon as possible.

Helicopter camp.
10. Flying:  Learning to fly these things.

My Dad always says that we should look back on life, but not stare.  With that in mind, I'll make this post short.  2011 awaits.  Get after it.


  1. What a great year! I hope you and Heidi have a fabulous 2011!

  2. Love this. I ran the Mardi Gras half marathon like a million years ago. This world sure is small. I love your quote: "if it isn't fun, you aren't doing it right." I need that to be my motto for 2011!!! :D


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