Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Triathlete Magazine's Top Places to Live: New Orleans

I recently read Triathlete Magazine's 20 Best Places to Live article, and I was a bit disappointed that my current home was nowhere in the top 10.  New Orleans is without a doubt a mecca of fitness, and with that in mind I submit the Crescent City for consideration in next year's running.
Much like its more popular counterparts out West, the Big Easy is a year-round training paradise.  With summer temperatures that dip down into the 90's and a temperate 99% humidity, athletes from all over the globe should flock to New Orleans to take advantage of the sauna-like climate - virtually no warm ups required!
These days everyone seems to be looking for the advantages that altitude training has to offer.  From top pros to aggressive amateurs, everyone should consider adding New Orleans to their list of high altitude destinations.  Though the vast majority of the city is in fact below sea level, recent advancements in modern technology have enabled engineers to construct what scientists are referring to as a "hill" near the Audubon Zoo.
Kiss those tedious pool lanes goodbye and take a dip in the luxurious Lake Pontchartrain.  Blamed for flooding much of the city during Hurricane Katrina, this over sized retention pond is great for open water swims and the occasional alligator sighting.  Just make sure you check the fecal count before you go!
Who needs mountain top views while biking?  Just hop on one of New Orleans' two levee bike lanes and enjoy breathtaking views of the Mississippi River on one side and still-unrepaired houses from Katrina on the other.  Take time during the 40 mile round trip to remember that you may be on one of the very famous levees that celebrities like Spike Lee and Kanye West complained about, but don't get too distracted - you'll miss your chance to see Bobby Boucher's house as you speed by.
Your run training will hit new levels as you take advantage of running down the famous New Orleans street car line.  Just don't get too close to the French Quarter, or you may have to outrun a mugger or two.  Did somebody say fartlek?

While the cities infrastructure and natural environment are enough to draw any serious athlete, what really sets New Orleans apart is its deeply rooted athletic culture.  Fitness is truly a way of life in this southern city, which is why many refer to it as the "Boulder of the Bayou."  From weekend events to local cuisine, triathletes will be hard pressed to find another city that caters to the health-minded quite like this one!

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  1. Ha! It took me to Lake Pontchartrain before I realized you were kidding. I almost had you classified as nuts. :)

  2. This was awesome. Gonna pick the family up tonight and head east on I-10 and should be able to start my training tomorrow.

  3. Jeff, can't wait! Don't forget your bug spay and a handgun.


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