Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Little help?

I occasionally feel as though the only people who would follow me would be doing so only out of sheer curiosity.

In my most recent display of semi-qualified responsibility taking, I have decided to recruit, organize and captain a 126 mile relay team in a race from Baton Rouge to New Orleans.  The Rouge-Orleans Run will be making its debut this March (around the same time as Mardi Gras) - and so will everyone on our six person relay team.

With no experience in the overnight relay field, I am basing our entire team strategy on the event website's FAQs and now (hopefully) on the great advice of the blogging endurance community.  We have some flashlights and we are working on getting a van and team name (so far the best ideas are "The Michael Bolton Fan Club,""We thought this was a 5K." and "The most interesting men alive.").  Other than that, we are just running a lot.  

And so I am asking you to spread news of our plight far and wide.  Any and all advice is greatly appreciated; from our fishing-time-estimation strategy, to what items to bring and any of the thousands of things we would never think of without your help.  So please help a brother out by forwarding this to anyone you know who has some long distance relay experience or by filling me in on some of your own lessons learned. 

If it's really good advice - we may just name the team after you.


  1. Sounds awesome! I don't have any experience, but you might go check out the Hood to Coast movie that's airing nationwide next Tuesday (Jan 11th). It could at least give you a sense of how they prepared and you could see some footage of the race to pick up some pointers. Good luck!

  2. I will put the word out! And good on you and your friends for tackling such an exciting experience!

  3. I'll definitely get back to you on this. There is a group at work that has done several of these here in Texas.

  4. good luck- i think i'm just gona watch this time around :)

  5. Bryan - Good idea...I'll see if I can convince the wife to make the hour drive to see it.

    Christi - Thanks!

    Shannon - Thank you as well - can't wait to hear what they have to say!

    Heidi - What are we doing next Tuesday night?

  6. Fun! I ran the American Odyssey Relay two years ago with a Marine spouse I knew, a blogger I had met, and 9 other bloggers I didn't know. It was a fantastic experience! One trick... you'll run three legs so you'll need three outfits. Pack each full outfit in separate large ziplocks. You'll have a ready-to-go outfit when you change after each run... and then you can put the used outfit in the ziplock. Easy and keeps the sweaty clothes wrapped up (& not smelling up the van!)!


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