Thursday, February 17, 2011


Great to be back in the Crescent City with Heidi and Flex after a long month down south.

Just a quick note to everyone not to forget that the people of Haiti are still on the very long road of recovery - and will continue to need our help for a very long time.

I already jumped on the bike and got in a great ride in the 65 degree weather. (I don't know why everyone was complaining about it being sooo's frekin awesome out there!)  During the ride I tried out a new ISM saddle - gear review coming soon.

Tonight is a tempo run with the missus.  Can't wait.

Here's a quick video look back at the past month - lots of flying and a some swim-bike-running.


  1. welcome home and looove the video! maybe some day i'll get to fly with you? :)

  2. Amazing video - what memories and experiences!! Really well done!


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