Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Fools Giveaway

I thought I'd celebrate one of my favorite holidays by having a quick giveaway.

Simple rules and simple prize this time:

The prize: 
A limited edition (not really that limited) "Enjoy the Ride Triathlon" t-shirt.  (Men's or Women's style - you pick the color/size.)  The highly absorbent cotton is perfect for sopping up sweat, as you can see below.  It also makes a great grease rag for cleaning your bike.

Follow the blog, leave a comment - 1 entry
Share the contest (tweet, blog, graffiti, etc.) - 1 entry
Leave a comment describing the craziest thing you've ever done for a t-shirt (get it? - "April Fools") - 3 entries

*Forgot to mention* I'll randomly select the winner on the 8th.

Spring forward.


  1. Nice lookin' tees. Looks like they do a great job of making you work hard!

  2. Craziest thing I've ever done to get a t-shirt.. leave a comment on a blog I read because I read his wife's blog... to get a t-shirt? LOL. Does that count?

  3. Thanks Christi.
    Ellen, that works for me.

  4. Dive over three rows of people to get to the t-shirt some guy shot out of a cannon at a silly DII basketball game.

    But the memories last a lifetime, right?

  5. I got the lap counter in the mail yesterday - that is a complicated stop watch. I will do a review.


    I follow.

    I tweeted.

    And you remember that whole girls gone wild thing a few years ago - oh the things I did for a t-shirt. Shame. Shame.


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