Saturday, April 9, 2011

The April Fool

The April Fool (as determined by was Danny from A Quest for Running Perfection.  His previous t-shirt earning shenanigans include one event in which he decided to: 

"Dive over three rows of people to get to the t-shirt some guy shot out of a cannon at a silly DII basketball game.  But the memories last a lifetime, right?"
Well this one will come in the mail and require no acrobatics, Dan.  Enjoy.

Thanks to all who left a comment.  It's good to know I have a lot of bar-jumping, giant-hamburger-eating Girls-Gone-Wilding (that video is on the internet somewhere, James) friends out there.  Oh, and I included entries form the previous blog page as well, just so no-one feels cheated.

Have a fun start to tri season - it's getting hot out there!

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