Saturday, July 16, 2011

One month down...

I've found that you get two reactions when someone finds out that you are doing an Ironman distance race in the near future.
From people who have never done such a race, you get a wide eyed look.  They envision you fighting elements on a vast race course - stroking your way through open ocean and slamming the pedals on your bike into vicious headwinds and running long into the night  - like the people they saw doing the Ironman on tv.  And then they say something like, "Wow, that's awesome.  That's a long way to swim!"
From Ironman veterans you get a different look.  Their eyes squint a bit and they let out a mild smirk as they envision 3:30am wake-ups, six hour training rides in the rain, more laundry that anyone could ever imagine, and the semi-mindlessness that comes with the excess of miles and lack of sleep that lead up to race day.  And then, with a unique mix of pity and envy they say something like "Have fun."
One month of IM training is down and here are the numbers:
Swim: 17, 987M
Bike: 288.35 miles 
Run: 44.86 miles
Not quite as far as it seemed - especially on the bike.  In general, I have to say that the training is pretty much what I expected.  The toughest part is simply the life balance of squeezing workouts in among things like work, food and sleep.  Organization and a cool wife/coach that has been through it are crucial.
I look forward to getting through the "base" (slow, steady, 155 bpm) phase and into some all-out-effort intervals soon, but for now I've found it best to just do whatever the workout tells me to.  As Crash Davis said in Bull Durham, "Don't think - it can only hurt the ball club."
Hope everyone has a great weekend. 

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