Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hands & Feet

I recently published a post in which I babbled a bit too philosophically about the meaning behind the tasks we take on.  Without getting too cheesy about my own introspection, I wanted to give a quick insight into my inspiration...
My history with the nation of Haiti goes back to my earliest days in the Coast Guard.  During my first years as a boarding officer I had a unique opportunity to help those who were attempting to leave its shore in masses, often finding themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere.
Upon returning these people to the shores of Haiti, I was in awe at the absolute destitution all around them.  There were literally cities built out of scraps and garbage, right in the midst of one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands one could imagine.
And this was long before the recent earthquake and immense outpouring of compassion that has already seemed to sputter out.
Fast forward to the beginning of this year, and I was able to see a different side of Haiti.  This time from overhead, flying above the surrounding waters and its coastline.  Even from hundreds of feet above, the needs of the people of this nation are easy to see.
And so, I have found the purpose for my 140.6 miles - and all of the training miles that will make that day possible.  The Hands and Feet Project is an organization based in Haiti that provides long term family style care for the orphaned children of Haiti.  Through a series of orphanages or "villages" throughout the nation, the Hands and Feet Project is on its way to caring for more than 1,000 Haitian Orphans by 2016.
My intention is two-fold.
First I hope to remind people that there are still thousands in need in places like Haiti, and that they can contribute to making an actual tangible difference by meeting that need in whatever way they see fit.  As endurance athletes, we suffer physically on a daily basis - but our suffering is intentional and ironically made possible by our vast physical and financial blessings.  The suffering these children know would no doubt bring us to our knees.
Second, I want to ask people to help.  Take care of these kids in whatever way you can.  If you can offer even a little financial assistance, I have set up a fund to raise a little cash for their cause, and will be using it in conjunction with some pretty cool giveaways over the rest of the summer.  If you can't give, pray. They need that more than anything.
Okay, as I fear I have gone on too long already, I'll stop there.  But please do check out the Hands and Feet Project if you have the time.
I hope every one's training is going great.
Stay cool.
Enjoy the ride.


  1. That's awesome. It sounds like you've set yourself on a great path there!

  2. That is a great idea and I will do what I can to help.

  3. Wow, I missed a lot of posts. Sorry I missed this post and the ear phone giveaway (but considering I don't have a portable player of any type, I'm not sure what waterproof earphones would help me with).

    I don't plan on donating in the next 60 days or so, but I did visit the Hands-Feet website and your storefront setup for giving to Hands-Feet.

    Just out of curiosity, what led you do Hands-Feet out of the myriad of service organizations directed at Haiti?

  4. Danny,
    Thanks for checking out the HAF sites. The short answer to your question is google - I was looking for an organization focused on helping the people of Haiti both practically and spiritually a few years ago after a USCG patrol down in the Caribbean - years before the earthquake that seemed to draw the world's attention. The HAF Project seemed to meet both of those needs in such a great way, and was/is still small enough that every penny they receive gets to the "front lines" of helping kids out.


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