Friday, September 9, 2011


Transition.  The word means something different to triathletes, who pride themselves on their ability to swiftly move from one sport to another.  We even practice the act so much that it is sometimes referred to as "the fourth discipline," tossing on and off shoes and helmets in a fraction of a second.
The lifestyle necessary to balance work, life and the ridiculous amounts of training some of us subscribe to also requires an expertly mastered transition - the kind of transition that enables us to still show up ready on race day when life does its very best to get in the way.  We adapt.  Modify.  Overcome.
As this past week began, I had an expertly crafted plan to ramp up my speed training through the early week, get my long ride in on Friday morning, and head to Cedar Point to cheer on Heidi in her Rev3 70.3  debut.
Never fall in love with a plan.
When I got home from work on Monday afternoon, our acrobatic wiener dog, Flex started showing signs that something simply wasn't right.  A trip to the vet revealed that he had damaged a disc in his back and would need some serious pain killers and muscle relaxers along with "doggy bed rest" for 2-6 weeks.  The good "Mom" that she is, Heidi asked if I would mind skipping the trip to the Rev3 to stay home and watch after the little guy, which of course I didn't.  As much as I love going to Heidi's races and helping/watching/cheering (almost as much as I like racing myself), I knew she wouldn't be able to focus if her little guy was being watched after by strangers in his dilapidated state (and I really didn't want to leave him either).  Poor little dude could barely walk.
Transition to staying at home with the dog.
So, making lemons out of lemonade, I figured that if I couldn't go along to Cedar Point, I could at least enjoy the fantastic weather we are having this week in NOLA and get in some quality workouts with my newfound solo time.  As I fell asleep Tuesday night, planning out my long ride, I hardly even noticed the tickle in my throat.  But by Wednesday morning, it had transitioned to full blown bronchitis.
Transition to no training for a few days.
Thanks to a myriad of home remedies and medicine, I think I am about back in the game as I type this on Friday night.  So I plan (plan - oops) on getting in some mileage tomorrow, but I am certainly not anywhere I thought I would be a week ago - typing a blog and drinking hot tea with my doped up dachshund.
But no worries.  Every once in a while, life (or the God who runs it) sends us these challenges to help us slow down or redirect our efforts.  And whenever He does, it's best to stay calm and just transition.
Good luck to everyone in Vegas and Cedar Point, but better luck to Heidi Austin!  If you have a chance - send some good vibes her way before race day - she's @heidileeaustin on twitter. (#rev3cp)
Thanks - and don't forget to win a $100 Newton gift card and help some Haitian kids!  

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  1. I am so sorry about your puppy. I hope he is doing better. I am sending prayers.


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