Sunday, January 30, 2011

Photos from the road

Underway training has been going better than I actually expected.  Because I never know what the next day may bring, I have decided not to plan rest days, and just train every day in anticipation of simply not being able to get in a workout the next.  To date, this has resulted in only one trainingless day in the last 19.  But even with that consistency, I am only expecting to maintain out here - any progress I make I will count as a bonus.  The laps around my hampster-wheel-of-a-flight deck leave something to be wanted - mostly because in addition to the tiny confines and the rocking, the steel deck was beginning to take a toll on my shins.  But no worries, we recently moved from the boat to operating off of a little island for a few days - so my swim workouts are about to be awesome!

But enough of that.  Here's some pictures:

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  1. Awesome photos! I am totally amazed that you are able to keep up your workouts when running on the ship. That is some serious discipline and determination! You rawk!


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