Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So I had this great idea to get in some healthy base mileage while my wife Heidi did a track workout last Tuesday.  While she did intervals with a local track club, I ran "barefoot" easy miles around the infield for an hour.  The idea was to get in some low impact mileage and reap the benefits of barefoot running - something for which I am an advocate, but don't do nearly often enough...just a mile or two here and there.

Well, after just five miles of paleo running last Tuesday, my calves have still not recovered.  They worked well enough for my long bike ride over the weekend and a few swim workouts, but in my attempts at running that followed, they were completely useless.  Not even that post-T2-feeling where they loosen up after a couple of miles - just dead - like try-to-run-on-my-toes-and-feel-them-buckle-so-that-my-heel-impacts-the ground-and-I-shuffle-like-an-old-man-dead.  Can't even run to the kitchen without looking like an idiot.


Anyone else a barefoot running fan?  Got a secret speedy recovery trick?

So far, with the Rouge Orleans run this weekend, my strategy for the next few days involves lots of ice, compression socks, and swimming.  And a Mardi Gras parade...


  1. Love the Idea of barefoot running, always used to try and get a couple of km in on the track after or before training. But now I have 5 fingers and I try and take them out for a run every now and then hope to start morning runs and will use them. (ran 2 hours on the mountain in them on the weekend)

    Speedy recovery, run barfoot every day, even if it's just 1 mile... So you might say I must do sit-ups or push-ups every day, how about 1 mile barefoot...

    Good Luck

    ps I'm here because I don't like working and Katie was excited about her 'new' tri-bars.

  2. Dude - why r u wearing your gloves on your feeet? Didn't they come with instructions? lol

    I know nothing about Barefoot running.... err I know nothing about running. Period. lol

    Good luck though, I hear it takes some time to adapt to those things. Keep at it!

    PS> I'm a Katie lurker too lol

  3. I am not a barefoot runner but I have heard varying opinions on the subject. I hope you heal

  4. Coach D, Thanks for the tip - as with all things in life, it would appear that consistency is the key.

  5. Just a mile (or two) at a time in the VFF until you get your calves built up. I ran 5 minutes in them the first time and was still sore. I can now run a marathon in them. It just takes some patience.


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