Friday, June 17, 2011

IM Detroit 2012

For those that may not have noticed, the WTC recently announced yet another new race that has been  added to its 2012 schedule.  Based on the huge success of the IMNYC race, which sold out in mere minutes despite the $900 entry fee and the fact that course includes a hearty swim in the Hudson River followed by a scenic bike through sunny New Jersey, the WTC has announced the inaugural Ironman Detroit race for later in 2012.
Based on the fact that people didn't seem to care when the race was (really, NYC in the middle of August?) the WTC has scheduled the Michican event to take place in early January.  Many skeptics wonder how exactly the swim will take part in the frozen Detroit River, but have decided to fork over the newly increased $1,500 entry fee.  Perhaps this is because the race has been designated as a Non-Confederate States that border Canada Championship Race by the sponsoring organization.
Due to conflicts with local law enforcement organizations, many of the roads on the bike and run courses will not be closed to normal traffic, nor will there be local police patrolling the historically "high crime" areas of the historic city.  In their statement organizers explained that they have taken this into consideration and that is why these areas are part of the bike course and not the run - in order to give participants a better fighting chance.
Finally, there will be two run lanes for this years event, that will run parallel throughout the 26.2 mile course.  The first will be designated for normal entrants, and will not be plowed, allowing runners the "opportunity to test their true merit" against the six-foot Michigan snow banks.  The other will be neatly plowed and lined with support crews, and will be available to Foundation Members for a small added fee of $1,500.
Please stop by the event's website as soon as registration opens, as this event is expected to sell out within seconds.  Good luck to all, and remember that years of debt, a potential mugging and a little frostbite are a small price to pay for that coveted M-DOT tattoo.

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