Sunday, June 26, 2011

Catch up

Catch up.  Get it?
I'll resist the urge to reference my recent absence form the blogging world...or I guess I won't.  Things have been busy.  In order to recap the week's events, I'll go with a nice organized bullet format.  This past week:

1. Heidi took and passed her National/State Physical Therapy Boards.  There is officially a doctor in the house.
2. I made it half way through a series of upgrade flights at work, which makes every day like flight school (or finals week).
3. I kicked off the first official week of training for IM FL.

Wow.  I guess when you put it in bullet format it doesn't seem like as much.  Oh well.

The training is going good.  I'm using a relatively "conventional" training plan, mixed with some Crossfit style training to keep me strong and sane.  I'm having a bit of a hard time grasping the whole "long slow easy" idea of base training, but I'm getting used to it.
And yes, my program is being "dictated" by my wife.  After seven days, training and marriage are intact.  Miraculous.
I'm heading out for a long run in the 100 degree heat.  Geez, I guess I couldn't resist the temptation to talk about the weather either.
Oh well, everyone have a great week!


  1. Welcome to the gauntlet of Ironman training. I'm a low volume kind of guy compared to most. I'm trusting my coach and going with the flow. I have to say I'm really second-guessing this training for a late August Ironman though. Anytime the thermometer shows 100+ my mind shuts down. Good luck with training! Can't wait to see how it goes for you.

  2. Congrats on your first week of IM training!

  3. Good luck with the formal IM training!


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