Monday, August 22, 2011

A Big Winner and an Epic Fail of a Giveaway

A complete lack of interest has created what may be the first one-on-one tri-blog giveaway competition in history.  As the only entries in last weeks contest to raise funding and awareness for the Hands and Feet Project, these two ladies entered into a face to face battle for the coveted H2O Audio Flex Waterproof headphones.

In corner one: Christi of the Pedestrian Runner - a Colorado girl who leaves the nicest comments in the blogosphere.  She shares her adventures in the running world and can always be counted on for some good Friday Lyrics.    

In the other Corner: Katy of Fit in Heels - a new follower and yoga nut, who shares her love of fitness and stilettos from the USA's neighborhood to the north.

Two tremendous bloggers.  USA vs Canada.  It was like Rocky IV, only more polite.  And online.
While I typically use a random number generator to choose a winner, I took advantage of the one-on-one challenge to choose the winner via coin toss.  And in respect to our new Canadian follower, I chose to flip a $1 Loonie.  Prior to the actual toss, I flipped a few times to determine which side of the coin was actually "heads" (the face) and which was "tails" (the duck).  After that, Heads was assigned to the Pedestrian Runner and Tails to Fit in Heels...
And with a click...(or flip)...
Congratulations Christi, on your new set of waterproof headphones!
And thank you both for participating.
In all seriousness, I must say that I am a bit disappointed at the lack of success this giveaway generated, particularly in the way of pointing people towards the Hands and Feet Project.  But the race is not over after the first mile - there is plenty of time to make up ground.  Only $1,126 to go.  Speaking of Haiti, please keep the people of the island nation in your prayers as they brace for another storm, Hurricane Irene.
Good luck training and racing!

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