Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Second Try Giveaway: This One's for the Ladies

After a less-than-stellar start to my fundraising efforts for the Hands and Feet Project (goose-egg for the last giveaway), I am redoubling my efforts to raise awareness and funds for the children's village for orphans in Haiti.
This will be a two week giveaway, with similar rules.  The prize will be a very similar pair of H2O Audio Headphones - but this time, they're pink.  
I'm hoping the ladies out there will come out in full force and show some support to the HAF kids.  (Or some guys who happen to like pink.)
Here's the rules:
1. Leave a comment for one entry - I don't even care if you "follow" the blog - that's not the point, it's all about those kids in Haiti.
2. Visit the website, and follow the twitter or facebook page for the Hands and Feet Project for an extra entry.
3. Tweet, post, blog etc. about the contest for extra entries (but please reference the Hands and Feet Project when you do.)
4. Buy your own entries.  Visit the Donation Page for the Hands and Feet Project (the link is over there on the right).  For every dollar you donate, you get three entries.  These entries are unlimited.  Also, I still encourage you to donate big and donate early.  Prizes will only get bigger as the race on November 5th gets closer - and the folks that started giving now will be glad they did. (As in - your entries might carry over...hint, hint.)
5. The drawing will be on September 5th.

Special thanks again to the H2O Audio folks for their support for an awesome cause.


  1. I will mention your giveaway on my website, facebook and twitter so hopefully more people will come and play!

    I want to donate. Do you have your own donation page? Don't count these as entries! I just want to help you.

  2. Christi, thanks! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.
    There's an image on the right side of the page with the Hands and Feet logo that says "Donate Now" - that'll link right to my donation page.
    Thanks again!!!

  3. I'm a new follower! You have an awesome blog and are doing such a wonderful thing :)

  4. Oh, and I am following both you and HAF on Twitter. I tweeted the giveaway and mentioned both of you!! Hope to spread the word!

  5. Christina, Wow. Thanks...and thank you so much for spreading the word.

  6. I blogged you out tonight. Twitted it. Facebooked it. Followed HAFProject on both (Twit & FB).

    I'm working on the donation - it will probably come after the contest :)

  7. I visited the website as well!

  8. Robyn, I'm so sorry but I posted the winner to this contest earlier this afternoon here: http://enjoytheridetri.blogspot.com/2011/09/winning.html
    But as a thanks for stopping by, I'll go ahead and enter you in my next (bigger giveaway) I'll be posting later tonight or early tomorrow.


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