Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chaos Theory: Today's swim in the Navy Base Pool

Lap Swim hours are 5am to 7am.  The rest of the day - it's the Wild West.  There are still two lanes set up, but they don't mean anything.  By the time I got to the pool after work at 5pm (stuck in the office between 5-7am), the water was in the high 80's.  There were elementary school kids everywhere.  The dove, they zigged and zagged.  They yanked the lane lines around like a jump rope.  On at least every other lap, they darted across the lane - sometimes stopping in the middle to attempt to tread water.  Twice, one of them actually jumped off the side of the pool on top of me.  The only moment of solitude within my lane came about when the lifeguards turned on the water slide, which created a 5 knot cross-current.
As I exited the pool after today's workout, drenched in chlorine and sweat (I didn't realize you could sweat that much in a pool!), I took a sip of my sun warmed water bottle and realized that the swim I had just completed was probably the best prep I have had so far for my race day swim in November.  And I am not ready for kids.
What's your swim situation like?  Indoor?  Outdoor? Peace? Chaos?  


  1. Yep. Open water mass start - that was easy.

  2. Nice job sticking it out! I'm not sure I would have.

    I do all my training now in open water. It's never packed, but the algae/seaweed taste gets to you after awhile.

  3. Yep, sounds like an IM swim start!


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