Saturday, September 3, 2011

Inside Out

So I wussed out of doing my long bike and run outside this weekend.  I really don't know what has happened to me - a little Tropical Storm comes through and I'm hunkered down inside with the rest of the sane people.
It was a hamster-wheel kind of a workout weekend, with 4 hours on the bike trainer and a couple hours on the treadmill.  It's funny, one would think that having a tv in front of you would make for a more entertaining way to pass the hours, but I actually find myself drifting into far more random thoughts when I'm spinning my wheels than when I actually have the world passing by.  Some randomness from this weekend's indoor hours:
-Which Fantasy Football League is the best?
-Why do people still write checks when purchasing stuff at a store?
-It's weird how everyone who drives faster than me is crazy and anyone who drives slower is an a-hole.  How is it that I know the perfect speed to drive?
-Is drafting illegal on the bike due to safety or because it's performance enhancing?  Either way, it seems kinda pointless after you watch the swim start.
-I wonder what percentage of college football fans have any actual affiliation with the team that they root for?
-Do guidance counselors ever tell students that they should be guidance counselors when they grow up?
-Should I give this season of The Office a shot?
-They should shuffle professional sports divisions (NFL, NBA, MLB) every off season.
-Why would I need Google+?
-Netflix can suck it.
-Why can't we make cupcakes that are good for you?
Enjoy the early transition into fall.  Stay dry out there.  Train, race and have fun.
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