Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday's Long Ride

A quick look at our five hour ride this weekend on the Mississippi River Levee.  Due to construction on one of the local bridges, the last two hours of the ride had to be completed within a 4-5 mile stretch of the path, so after a solid three hour start, I finished with two hours of suicides.  As I finished I wasn't sure if my dizziness was from dehydration or turing around so much...
While out spinning my wheels, I learned a few lessons:
1. For anything over three hours, I need some food.  Real food.  Gels and chews just aren't gonna cut it.  I think I'm gonna try out some little sandwiches next weekend - anyone have any good suggestions?
2. Electrolytes are also pretty important.  I went through three water bottles during the first three hours of the ride.  Once the sun was in full effect and the heat was north of 100, I went through seven in the last two hours.  My mistake was drink plain water from those last seven. Hyponatremia?
3. Summer is still not over.

A little bit about the training: 
I just passed the half way mark for preparing for IM FL in November.  So far, the numbers look like this:
Swim: 46K
Bike: 815 miles
Run: 127 miles
As I pass the halfway hump, the long rides are beginning to get longer and the speed days are starting to actually go fast. Heidi has her Rev 3 race in two weeks at Cedar Point and then it's straight on to Panama City.  Like most folks I am looking forward to cooler weather, football season and better tv shows.
As I wrap this up, I just want to say congrats to those killing it at Louisville and Canada...thanks for the inspiration - I'm out for a long run.

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  1. Smuckers PB&J. You can take 'em out frozen & they're pre-packaged. I had one of those during the 1/2 IM & it was the best PB&J ever!! I'm a fan of the individually wrapped Nuun's or GuBrew tabs to carry with in case I need to refill on the road too!

  2. You are doing great in the training. I, too, take pb&j. Another thing I like is Fig Newtons.

    Here's to fall! I just hope Colorado doesn't get snow right away! I am not ready for that.

  3. just found you-- great blog! -- keep up the great work!! :)


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