Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A quick look back...and the road ahead

So...it's been a while.

The 2011 season ended with a painful lesson about the nature of IM racing.  Turns out, you can devote the better part of a year to preparing every part of your body for race day, but if your stomach takes the day off...well, check out the Mad Lib Race Report of you really wanna know.

So I took 2012 off.  Totally.  Not a race.  (Full disclosure - I did the Sandestin Sprint Tri without training or registering, simply because it's on our Anniversary weekend - but that doesn't count.) The bike collected dust and I didn't smell the least bit like chlorine for twelve solid months.

Swim, Bike Run was replaced by Run, Burpee, Lift.  I spent the full year (I know this s where I'll lose a lot of you) just doing CrossFit.  I entered a couple of competitions and placed in the north part of the middle of the pack - faster than the strong guys and slower than the fast guys.  I have to say, it was a great year.  But, I did miss the days out in the sun that come with triathlon training - so here I am for 2013 - ready to get back into it.

What's the game plan?  Fun.  In a sport that's continuing to divide into a caste system of first-timers who just want to call themselves "triathletes" and douchey veterans who wear the title like a gang of fraternity officers scoffing at their pledges; I just wanna spend some days outside on the road and at the beach staying in shape.  I'll try some new training methods and see how fast I can get - besides, life's not as much fun if you're not going fast.

I'm stoked to be linked in with a team of fun-loving individuals at Wattie Ink, who were gracious enough to let a guy like me tag along for a year.  Be sure and look for them at a race near you this year.

What are ya'll up to?

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