Monday, April 8, 2013

The 2013 CrossFit Open - My Battle with Bob

There are probably 100 or so people who plan on making it through the CrossFit Open and Regional competitions to end up competing in the CrossFit Games on ESPN2.  For the other thousands of us, the Open has become an annual five-week test of how we've progressed over the last twelve months.  You don't know what workouts are coming until the night they are announced, but they inevitably test a wide spectrum of fitness and leave you proud, pissed, frustrated, exhausted and satisfied.

Much like my triathlon career, each competition is a race against myself.  As a "middle of the packer" it's easy to feel great by looking at the masses behind you or miserable by observing the fire-breathers leaving you sharply in their dust.  Every competitor's scores are posted on the Open "Leader board" for everyone to see and compare.

And so, in order to make the 2013 Open more interesting, instead of aimlessly trying to chase my invisible "best," I decided to go head to head with someone within my own weight class: The Biggest Loser's Bob Harper.

Bob got into CrossFit a couple of years ago - not too long after it became my primary means of exercise.  Since then, he has helped to shine and even greater spotlight on the functional fitness movement - the guy even has a CrossFit clothing line devoted to him.  A worthy adversary - even if he is about a decade older than me...details, details.

So I talked a little pre-Open trash to @mytrainerbob via twitter and throughout the five week Open (which I'm sure Bob never even saw).  And week after week, I'd post my scores and immediately compare my performance to the fitness professional to see how I sized up.  Here's how it went:

Week 1: Austin: 123, Harper: 112...I own him.

Week 2: Austin: 240, Harper: 228...A pretty close match, but I'm holding strong.

Week 3: Austin: 154, Harper: 240...I just got DESTROMINATED.  (I did that workout in Park City Utah - at 8,000ft.  It was a humbling education in altitude training.)  Okay Bob, looks might this might come down to the wire.

Week 4: Austin: 65, Harper: 64...YES!!  I'm hangin' in there with face of fitness in America.  It looks like week five will be the deciding factor.  This marathon will be determined by a 100 yard sprint to the finish.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  

Week 5:  Austin: 66 reps while competing at CrossFit South Side.  A bit disappointing, but hopefully enough to edge out the Harper.  I posted my score and waited anxiously to see if it would suffice.  And...
...Bob didn't post a score.

C'mon Bob!  You gotta tell me - did you do 13.5?  What'd you get?

Or ya know what - don't tell me.

I'll see ya next year.

Scott Austin: The 23,519th fittest man in the world.

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