Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sandestin Triathlon Race Report

Heidi and I recently celebrated our sixth Anniversary the way all couples do - with a 4:30am wakeup and a sprint triathlon on a Florida beach.  The Sandestin Triathlon has become a bit of a tradition for us - it's a fun race on a beautiful beach and it makes for a perfect excuse for a weekend anniversary getaway.
So, the report:

Swim: A .5 mile swim in the crystal clear Florida Gulf coast.  Ours was the first wave to start, so there was little traffic to go under, over and around.  As with any race the first 200m had its share of antagonists.  After getting punched in the face a couple of times and swam into by an ambitious but large dude with some directional issues (hey amigo, the buoy is that way!)  I cut outside and had a pretty good swim.  I hit the last buoy with a pack of five or six guys and was the first of the bunch to exit the water - a little victory for a historically non-swimmer, like myself. (Time: 19:01)

Bike: 20 miles on smooth asphalt.  Compared to the storm ravaged and neglected roads of the greater New Orleans area, riding on the Florida streets was like gliding on glass.  The ride felt so incredibly smooth, I was so comfortable and felt so fast (for me) that I felt like I wished the bike leg was longer.  I legitimately thought my bike computer was broken at a couple of points - it felt too easy to be going that fast...I guess those long rides are helping.  After the race I actually considered going out for a nice long spin just to enjoy the sights and smooth pavement.  But during the race, I enjoyed the ever-so-slightly rolling terrain and finished feeling quite strong. (Time: 55:49)

Run: Last year at this race, the sun and heat beat me into submission and I actually had to take a couple of walk breaks during the four mile jaunt.  This year was completely different.  I felt great coming off the bike, and though the sun and heat were quite evident, my normal 100+ degree daily workouts in the Louisiana sun had me a bit more acclimated.  I actually put up negative splits for each mile, and was extremely thankful for the water at every mile marker. (Time: 31:45)

Overall: It's hard to beat a race on the Florida beaches.  I PR'ed by 15 minutes compared to last year's time - it's amazing how much faster you go when you actually swim, bike and run to train.  The course was great and the race was extremely well organized.  The jog from the swim to transition did go past a hotel and into the parking lot, which made for about a .25 mile stroll added onto everyone's swim times - which was the only complaint I really heard from other racers.  Other than that, it was a fantastic way to spend a Saturday morning - especially one celebrating six years with my speedy best friend.
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  1. Way to go Scott! Very proud of you!! Hope the FL buildup is going well and Happy Anniversary to my favorite NOLA Tri couple!!

  2. Congrats on a great PR and race! I am glad that you and Heidi celebrate your anniversary in such a cool way!

  3. Oh My God- I thought my husband and I were the only ones who did crazy workout things on anniversaries and call them romantic! Congratulations on the race, and the anniversary! You guys are gorgeous!


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